Our boutique cliff side resort offers a number of different luxurious facilities nestled across a 16,000 square meter jungle canopy with sunset views throughout. Discover each as you walk amidst our lush enchanted garden.

Spa & Holistic Healing

Pamper yourself in style. Our luxurious spa offers you the space and professional attention needed to indulge in various spa facilities and latest revitalising treatments. Staffed with both bodyworkers and holistic energy workers, you can rest easy as you heal the mind, body, and soul. Please contact us for private booking requests.


Herbal Sauna

Detoxify your body with heat. Our sauna provides a constant flow of hot steam mixed with locally grown herbs such as ginger and lemongrass to hep you breath easy and relax completely after another perfect day in Paradise. Its dome shape design also provides great resonance for sound healing and chanting. Please contact us for private booking requests.


Ice Bath

Follow the Nordic tradition. Our Ice Bath is an excellent way of cooling down after a sauna, leaving your body feeling noticeably more relaxed. As the blood vessels in your skin and subcutaneous tissue contract, your blood flow is diverted inwards, sending an increased supply of blood to inner organs such as your kidneys. A great way to improve your immune system! Please contact us for private booking requests.


Infinity Pool

The most iconic landmark on the resort property. Our large 180 square meter salt water infinity pool is suspended high in the hillside overlooking the ocean with panoramic sunset views. Featuring a built-in jacuzzi and equipped with plush poolside lounge seats and cabanas. Please contact us for private booking requests.


Yoga Shala

Practice your flow amidst nature. Our large circulate 135 square meter yoga shala is surrounded by lush tropical scenery and offers enough space to fit up to 25 yoga mats comfortably. With its ability to open up to the jungle for natural airflow or close it completely with support from large ceiling fans, its functionality allows you to create the perfect intimate space for classes and workshops of any size. Please contact us for private booking requests.


Restaurant & Lounge

Gourmet meals with a view. Our ocean-facing dining facilities are split between a large covered outdoor dining terrace and an indoor lounge. Both serving healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; as well as light afternoon snacks upon request. Our executive chef offers a balanced combination of vegetarian, vegan, raw, and fruitarian meals as well as locally caught seafood for those still in a healthy dietary transition. Please contact us for private booking requests.


Starlit Rooftop Cinema

Our rooftop training center can be converted into a cinematic experience like none other. Please contact us for private group booking requests.



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