Ali Choi

Wellness Therapist | Meditation Teacher


Ali is an international wellness practitioner, healer, and meditation teacher. She has been immersed in the Health & Wellness industry since 2006 and is dedicated to helping people live their lives in optimal health.

She has been a detox manager and wellness practitioner in Thailand where she has helped hundreds of clients improve their physical and mental health. She began her wellness journey in Santa Monica and Malibu and has worked at some of the best spas in Southern California.  She is also the lead meditation teacher at a renowned yoga and detox center in Thailand. 

She holds a degree in psychology from University of California, Los Angeles and she has studied extensively in various healing modalities and meditations both in United States and Thailand. She has a special interest in ancient healing modalities of the East as well as its interconnectedness to the new scientific discoveries on human healing processes. 

She currently provides a variety of services including: Chi Nei Tsang (Thai Abdominal Detox Massage), Cupping (Ancient Chinese Healing Therapy), Reiki (Japanese Energy Healing), Tok Sen (Ancient Thai Healing Therapy), and her signature service Bio-Alchemy Healing which combines all 4 therapies into one, providing a highly customized and one-of-a-kind healing session.

Having battled and overcome her own health imbalances such as; chronic digestive issues, skin issues, and even mental health issues with depression and anxiety, she now thrives in helping others to heal their bodies and minds, to return to living in full balance, full vitality and full vibrance.

She believes in living life firmly rooted in reality and clarity while embracing each moment and each encounter with abundant love and compassion. 

"Each person holds tremendous power of healing within, but too often we are disconnected and do not have the tools necessary to reconnect to that power source. I consider it a great privilege to facilitate that connection for people and provide assistance in their healing & wellness journey."


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