Kelly Turgeon

Yoga Instructor


Kelly fell in love with yoga after experiencing the clarity, connection and inner serenity that the practice provided her.

She believes asana combined with mindful breath is a powerful tool to nurture the mind-body connection. She aims to give her students a space to explore their bodies using the power of breath and movement; learning to let go, love what is, and return to presence.

With a focus on breath and alignment, Kelly guides students through a mindful flow aiming to create a powerful moving meditation, enhancing awareness and connecting to the inner source of strength and grace, both on and off the mat.

She encourages her students to cultivate a deeper connection within, allowing yoga to be a vehicle of remembrance, guiding us home.

  • Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training - (200 hours)
  • Yoga Anatomy and Alignment Training - (60 hours)
  • Yoga Intensive Course - (150 hours)
  • SOMA Awakening Facilitator Training - (60 hours)
  • Inner Dance and Inner Guidance Facilitator Training - (100 hours)


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