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Sean T Fox is a student and teacher of Life devoted to personal and global health. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Sean earned a Diploma of Psychology from California State University before travelling the world for the next seven years as a full-time student of Life. Eventually a deep call to the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine led to Victoria, BC, where he earned a Diploma of Acupuncture at Pacific Rim College of Integrative Medicine. As a certified Acupuncturist, Hatha Yoga and White Tiger Qigong Teacher with additional studies in massage, medical herbalism, holistic nutrition, energy medicine, meditation and metaphysics, Sean has cultivated a broad perspective of wellness which weaves across centuries, continents and cultures. This all comes together with an open-hearted passion for being in service and sharing these gifts.

Sean T has synthesized the modalities of Classical Acupuncture, Massage, Sound Therapy, Qigong and Energy Medicine into a very unique and powerful practice called Shentara. Working holistically with the body, mind and spirit, each session helps harmonize these levels of being into a greater frequency of health and wellbeing. Shentara can help with a huge variety of conditions, including most types of pain, mental/emotional health, digestive issues, headaches, stress and fatigue, menstrual symptoms, respiratory conditions, sexual and reproductive health, physical/energetic detox, and simply for promoting and optimizing the flow of Qi (Life-Force Energy) in the body.

  • Diploma of Acupuncture (Pacific Rim College)
  • Qigong Teacher (White Tiger Qigong)
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher (Yoga Vidya Gurukul)
  • Massage Practitioner (Namo School of Thai Massage, Alchemy of Touch)
  • Initiate of Sun and Moon Mysteries (Las Pyramides del Ka)
  • Reiki Level II (School of Seven Rays)
  • BA Psychology (California State University)


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