Alina Bach
24 / Bavaria


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At 24, I was on my journey of seeking a professional experience to help me move into my womanhood, to get into a deeper connection with my blossoming inner woman. But how do you trust someone to massage your body who you don't really know? ... Well, David showed me the Way. Upon meeting him, I instantly felt a deep trust and was comforted by his gentle yet powerful voice. I could immediately feel that his intentions were completely pure and that his only interest was to give me what was in my Highest Good; which he turned into in order to give me exactly what I'd been asking & searching for. He wasn't looking out for his own benefit, not even in the slightest. Even though he never said these words to me from his lips, I could feel it in his Field and see it in his eyes. Being able to feel his pure healing intentions made me able to trust him fully, which allowed me to fully surrender into my inner woman's natural state of bliss. This made my experience unforgettably powerful and changed me for the better as a person; both in my relationship to my sexuality and my inner woman... Completely.


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