Doreen R.
39 / USA


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I feel wonderful and so pleasant! I didn't tell you I had a severe migraine from a damaged nerve and my knees, which I have to see a surgeon about, have been hurting, especially one. I started feeling a nice tingling in my head, then down my neck, slowly down my chest, arms and hands. At that time my knees started to tingle and then felt so light, the feeling you get when floating on water, no pain! The tingling continued in my head, neck and shoulders. It felt like a nice sensation of my temples and forehead being gently massaged! My knees feel fantastic and there's just a tiny bit of a headache on my left. I feel great! I had the migraine since Tuesday and my left knee needs a support for the pain , but not now! I can bend both easily!!!! Thank you so very much Taryn! I can't thank you enough! I'll sleep tonight! xx


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