Elyse Bernardin
60 / Canada


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I had never been to a wellness resort before but heard about the life changing experience my son had during his 2 week retreat holiday at Samkara. Thailand was also a new destination as I always traveled to places like Mexico and the Caribbean, but I felt like trying something new and this recommendation was calling to me. The all-inclusive style packages were very similar to what I had been used to and so everything was very easy. The food was mostly vegetarian and vegan so this was new to me as well but I have since changed my diet to vegetarian because the food was very healthy and tasty. The detox retreat I signed up for was also a new experience for me but I felt very safe and taken care of by your holistic staff onsite that I am sure got annoyed by all my questions. Tell them thank you for their patience and that I will see them soon again. When I need to feel like I am in my 30’s again hehe


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