Laurent Bagus
42 / Switzerland


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May did light my back on fire in her fire dragon healing session. To be honest I was a little bit anxious as I didn't know much what to expect. She just did it beautifuly, it felt so naturel to feel the warmth of the fire on my back. Feeling her energy, sensations, vibrations when my mind didn't get distracted. Some dragons visuals came along as well. All the process passed liked a second, I sort of woke up from a long dream in a super grounded balanced way. I sat and started to meditate deeply, reopened my eyes after some time, she was sitting on the front of me serving a delicious tea. It's been a week now and I had some back tension when I came which disappeard since. What to say more??? As you probably understand, I love it! <3 :D Enjoy! Thank you so much May


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