Silvana Shantidevi
32 / Bulgaria


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I first met David 2 years ago at the Healing & Awakening School I was visiting on Koh Phangan, which he was working at. There, he was teaching Qi Gong, an Ancient Chinese Healing Art which I had never heard of before. I had nothing to lose by trying it out. I followed his simple instructions throughout the hour of gentle, fluid practice and I didn't notice until walking away that, to my utter amazement, THE CHRONIC BACK PAIN I'D BEEN SUFFERING FROM FOR OVER 17 YEARS HAD SUDDENLY VANISHED COMPLETELY, LIKE MAGIC!!! How is this even possible?!? On your first try, can only one hour of following a proper Master's practice do such a thing?!? I might not believe it to be true if it was coming from someone else, but from my own personal experience, I KNOW IT TO BE TRUE!!! Needless to say that my personal witnessing & experiencing of this MIRACLE has made a solid believer out of me of David's over 22 years of extensive alternative & complementary healing knowledge & over 33 years of Martial Arts Training in 8 disciplines. If you want to experience a healing miracle, David can show you The Way, as my testimony shares that he's done with me, as well as with countless others for decades. David's gifts are so profound & profoundly paradigm shifting, they simply must be experienced in order to be believed. After attending several more of his Qi Gong classes regularly, I inquired as to what else he offers, & he gave me a very insightful & astonishingly accurate personal Astrological reading. David is a knowledgeable, gifted Healer & Teacher who possesses many diverse skills, gifts & talents, many of which are so powerfully profound that they must be experienced before they can be believed.


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