Titiana Artemis
27 / Greece


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Wow, the experience I had with David was out of the extraordinary, as I was introduced to an entirely new world of transformation: the World of Energies. This was something I wasn't so deeply aware of at that point in my life; only from a surface point of view & very shallow understanding, like most "normal" people. At the time in my life when David gave me a massage, I was pretty closed up after months of pain from deep paralysis all over my body: having intense flashes and panic attacks. He managed to break through my big dense area energetic limitations and gave me an initiation journey into the healing powers of energy and feeling. I'm very grateful for this profoundly paradigm-shifting experience, as well as for meeting David, as it gave me lifetime lessons I'm still realizing today, many years later. I feel David is like my Brother in our Galactic Family now, 3 years later. I am very proud and honored to have met a Brother and Healer like him. To anyone ready for him & his gifts, & it's worth trying him out & trusting him. But always, as with any healer, the healing journey ALWAYS happens and starts when we follow the callings our own Higher Self and True Path first. A "Healer" can only open some doors for us (with our help & permission, of course). So, take time to let go, trust, feel, enjoy and appreciate David's energy & many healing gifts! You're in good, God-gifted hands with him!.


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