Do I need my own health & travel insurance during my time at Samkara?

We highly recommend that your purchase a sophistcated travel insurance product to not only cover you for your stay at Samkara but also for the duration of your time outside of your home country. Our resort has Tier 1 Premium insurance coverage for liability such that if you slip and fall around the pool. However, many of our workshops include physical and energetic work, which may lead to cases that are not covered by any insurance company in Thailand. Incuring a neck injury while doing a headstand in a yoga class, or experiencing bruising and pain from a deep tissue or abdominal massage are just a couple of examples. For this reason, we will require proof of at least medical insurance on your behalf before confirming your retreat booking.

Do I need to prepare myself in any kind of way for the Detox prior to my arrival at Samkara?

While not absolutely necessary, you will maximise your detox benefits and reduce detox symptoms if you follow our detox pre-arrival suggestions. By reducing your intake of things like alcohol, coffee, meat, dairy, refined carbohydrates and processed foods and increasing the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, green tea, nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes and water you will be preparing your body for the in-depth metabolic and cellular detoxification process...

Do you offer juice / water fasts?

We offer a fasting retreat that is designed to reset your system in preparation for a new diet or lifestyle change. Please see our juice fasting retreat details here. We do not offer water fasting programs as this requires the assistance from a specialised medical doctor, especially in the tropics. However, we often times host workshops and retreats lead by such individuals, so please make sure to stay connected with us for special announcements.


Do you offer Group Retreats?

Yes, Samkara offers date specific retreats throughout the year with retreat topics include yoga, Pilates, meditation, spirituality from different traditions, and self-development workshop retreats for people interested in flexing the most important muscle of all. To see our upcoming retreat schedule, please see the bottom of each individual retreat product page on our website. Samkara instructors also lead group and personal yoga classes for both novice and advanced practitioners. Yoga styles offered are Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Hatha, Yin, Power along with Pranayama and meditation. Holistic Fitness practices include Pilates, qi gong, tai chi, and cardio classes. Individual fitness testing is available through our select partners in the community, along with personal strength resistance training, guided hikes, kayaking and beach activities.

Do you offer yoga classes?

Yes. Yoga styles include Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Power, and Ashtanga yoga, in addition to meditation and Pranayama.

What alternative therapies do you offer?

We use an all-encompassing Holistic healing approach that determines your needs in a broad spectrum of areas - physically, mentally, emotionally, nutritionally, energetically and sexually - that will best set you on your way to achieving the life changing results you always wished for. Before your retreat, our holistic therapist will have an interview with you over skype to determine your specific needs in all these areas and provide you with a tailored program to follow during your retreat. Therapies such as Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist abdominal massage), Gua Sha, and Reiki are also offered. Please see our complete list of holistic therapies here.

Do you offer blood analysis?

Yes, this can be arranged through the Bangkok Samui Hospital, which is an international standard hospital.

Can changes be made to my wellness program?

Yes. However please note that Samkara’s wellness programs have been designed to help you reach your health goals in the most effective way. Any changes made to your program may compromise the efficacy of the program and the overall result.

Please Note:

- Guests wishing to change or eliminate specific treatments in confirmed packages may do so subject to availability of the therapy they wish to substitute. 
- Samkara wellness packages carry a built-in 20% discount on all wellness and food and beverage services so cancellation of any packaged therapies will be credited at 80% of listed prices assuring that the credited amount is equivalent to the unused portion of the original package.
- Treatments selected in substitution will be charged at listed retail rate against which any credits can be applied. 
- Credits against cancelled treatments may be used towards the purchase of treatments and services listed in the Samkara Luxury Wellness Retreat & Holistic Spa menu except treatments or sessions with visiting practitioners.
- Credits against cancelled treatments can not be redeemed for food and beverage, accommodation, purchases in the resort's retail shop or other resort services.
- Above conditions apply equally in the case of a contra-indication whereby Samkara’s health practitioners advise against a certain treatment or service included in a wellness package.
- Any cancelled treatments that are later re-instated into the package will be charged at listed retail rate.
- For unused credits from cancelled treatments in confirmed packages, a wellness voucher will be issued which will be fully transferable and can be redeemed by any guest during their present or future stay at Samkara (within the validity date stated on the voucher) and the voucher will not be not redeemable for cash or other substitutions, not replaceable if lost, destroyed, stolen or expired, and void if altered, photocopied, or reproduced.


Where is Samkara is located?

Samkara is located on the West coast Koh Phangan. An island that sits in the Gulf of Thailand neighbouring the popular tourist island destination of Koh Samui. Koh Phangan is much smaller and much more exotic with less traffic and development, abundance in natural beauty.
How can I get to Koh Phangan?
Step1: Fly to Koh Samui
Step2: Take a ferry to Koh Phangan
1. Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways fly to Koh Samui from Bangkok. Please visit www.thaiair.com and www.bangkokair.com for their current flight schedule and airfares.
It is also possible to fly direct to Samui from a number of international destinations, including:
   - Singapore with Bangkok Airways or Silk Air (www.silkair.com)
   - Hong Kong with Bangkok Airways
   - Kuala Lumpur with Bangkok Airways, Malaysia Airlines (www.malaysiaairlines.com) and Firefly (www.firefly.com)
Additionally, Bangkok Airways runs regular flights to Samui from Phuket, from which there are flights to many other international locations. And Bangkok Airways also operates direct flights from Krabi, Patthaya and Chiangmai.
2. Once on you have collected your bags at the Samui airport, head to the transportation kiosks with the companies “Lompraya” and “Seatran”. Purchase a ticket to Koh Phangan from these ticket distributors and they will assist you onto an air-conditioned VIP bus to bring you to the nearest pier called Bangrak, which will then take you to Koh Phangan on a short 30min ferry ride on the turquoise ocean waves.

Which airline flies to Koh Samui from Bangkok?
Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways are flying to Koh Samui. Please visit www.thaiair.com and www.bangkokair.com for their current flight schedule and airfares.

Connecting Baggage Services
Please note that Bangkok Airways will only accept baggage checked all the way through from the point of origin to the final destination if all connecting flights are booked on a single ticket.  If your incoming flight to Bangkok and your Bangkok Airways Bangkok-Samui flight are booked on separate tickets, you will need to allow extra time in Bangkok Airport to reclaim your checked luggage and  to check in again for the final part of your journey from Bangkok to Samui. For more information please visit: www.bangkokair.com/pages/view/separate_ticket.
We advise passengers travelling on separate tickets with Bangkok Airways to allow additional time of 45-60 minutes to reclaim their luggage and go through the check-in process and security for their connecting flight.  Please note that passengers travelling on a single ticket number from origin to destination (with Bangkok Airways partner airlines) will not be affected.  We would also like to remind our guests that Thai Airways also flies from Bangkok to Samui so all passengers flying from origin to destination with Thai Airways will also not be affected.
What resort is Samkara located at?
Samkara is located in at Sunset Hill Boutique Resort in Srithanu. If you ever need to arrange for your own transportation back to the resort during your stay with us, please make sure to give the taxi driver this name as it has been a landmark on the island for over 10 years.

What is your check-in and check-out time?

Check-in time:   14:00
Check-out time: 12:00

What facilities do you provide in the guest rooms?

All of our accommodation includes air-conditioning, ceiling fan, LCD television, CD/IPod dock stereo system, refrigerator, beverage and snack facilities, personal safe, internet connection, hair dryer and Trash Hero reusable metal drinking flasks as we are have a strict no-plastic policy at our resort. We also provide cozy slippers and bath robes for him and her.

Do you offer in-room internet connection?

Yes. We offer wireless internet throughout the resort. Please note that due to the islands remote position and little infrastructure, we sometimes experience power cuts resulting in the connection being compromised.  


-  Cancellation charges apply to both wellness programs and accommodation bookings
-  Any cancellation within 7 days of arrival will be charged at 100% of the full booking
-  Any cancellation within 21 days of arrival will be charged at 50% of the full
-  20 Dec – 15 Jan each year: 50% of full booking charged if cancelled within 45 days


In the event of guest non-arrival or early check-out, Samkara Koh Phangan will charge 100% of the total booking fee (including accommodation and wellness programs) for the full length of stay and as per the most up to date booking confirmation.
We strongly advise that all guests take out adequate travel insurance in case of unavoidable emergencies that may result in the cancellation of their stay at Samkara.


Do I need to do anything special to prepare for my stay?

No special preparation is required. If you are joining a detox program, we do recommend that you follow our detox pre-arrival suggestions to get maximum benefit from your time with us.

What should I bring?

We suggest you bring loose and comfortable clothing, swimming costume, sunglasses, hat, sports shoes, casual and comfortable sandals/shoes, exercise wear, sleepwear, sun protection. We provide a range of natural amenities in your room, including shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and liquid soap; however you may want to bring other personal toiletries.

Do I need to pre-book my wellness?

It is always helpful if guests can pre-book treatments and programs, this just assists us with scheduling and guarantees that the treatments will be available to the guests at their requested times. It is not a problem if you chose to book the treatments on arrival, but always helpful if we can have this information prior to arrival. Reservations can assist with your pre-bookings.

What if I have special health concerns or particular goals? Should I advise in advance?

You will receive a Guest Profile form and a Health Profile form with your reservation confirmation. The Health Profile form includes questions about your health concerns, medical history and objectives for your stay at Samkara. So that we can best prepare for your stay, we ask that you complete and return these forms prior to your arrival. Following this step you will then have a skype interview with our holistic therapist to discuss your goals and concerns in a more personal space. If you have made a reservation but have not received the forms, please contact us.


Do you have a shuttle bus service available to tourist areas such as Thongsala or Haad Rin?

Most of our guests choose to spend their days making use of the services and facilities at Samkara. With such little demand for outside exploration, we do not offer a regular shuttle service; however, we can provide a taxi service for you.

Do you allow children at Samkara?

The facilities and services at Samkara are designed for adults who seek the time, place and expertise to improve their wellbeing. Samkara is not recommended for children and there are no child concessions available and no special facilities or services offered. However, Samkara intends to provide the possibility for parents who would like to do a wellness program and bring their child. Therefore the following policy applies, subject to availability:
1.    For every room booked there must be one adult with a pre-booked wellness program for the duration of their stay.
2.    Maximum 1 child sharing room with their parents is permitted. 
3.    Children below the age of 16 may not participate in any wellness activities or treatments.
4.    Children are not allowed to use the Leisure swimming pool between midday and 4pm. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
5.    Children aged 8 to16 are required to book an 'extra bed' at an additional cost.
6.    Children below the age of 4 can stay free of charge when sharing bedding with their parents. Children of age 5 or older can stay using an extra bed priced 1200 THB per night.
7.    Children below the age of 8 are entitled to 50% discount on all meal rates; children will be served half portions from the regular menus. Children aged 6 and over will pay full meal rates.
8.    Baby cots for children below the age of 2 are free of charge (upon availability).
9.    Unaccompanied children under the ages of 16 found anywhere on premise will not be tolerated.

Is Samkara a good place for someone travelling alone?

Yes, it's an ideal place to come alone. We get many people who are visiting on their own and they find the relaxed, informal and friendly environment safe and comfortable. All of our retreat programs share a similar schedule such that all guests eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together along with a daily sunset social around the infinity pool creating a campus like environment perfect for meeting new life-long friends.

Is there a minimum stay?

Yes, throughout the year we have a 3 night minimum stay, in our peak season (20 December – 15 January) we have a 7 night minimum stay. To fully experience Samkara, we recommend that you book a minimum of 7 nights and the longer you can stay the greater the benefits. If you grow tired or see the results you were hoping for and wish to pickup a new program, you can mix and match between all our retreats and create a diverse 2 month long program with the help of our wellness program curators and holistic therapist.

Will I be pressured to participate in activities?

No. What you do, or don't do, is entirely your choice and our wellness practitioners are here to guide and support you in your choices. We want you to enjoy your time with us rather than feel pressured. If you like what you see - come join. If not, there is no hard feelings! But we know you will be part of the family by the end of your holiday with us.

What about smoking and alcohol?

We have a deep respect for each person's innate wisdom and don't impose our beliefs on guests, preferring to offer guidance, encouragement and support.
Smoking - For safety reasons and out of consideration for other guests, we ask that you refrain from smoking in your room. Smoking is not permitted in the restaurants or public areas. You may smoke on your personal terrace, outside your room near the stairwells, or in the designated area behind to the side of the pool bar. Please consider the comfort of your fellow guests, and understand that if anyone is affected by your smoking, you may be asked to stop.
Alcohol – Selected Alcoholic beverages are available in both our restaurant and pool bar all day long, serving a selection of beers, wines, and tropical cocktails.

Can I bring my laptop and mobile phone?

Yes, you can, however to promote a peaceful environment and in consideration of other guests, we insist that you only make or receive calls in the privacy of your own accommodation and we ask you not to use electronic devices in the communal areas. If you wish to carry these items with you, please keep them on silent and refrain from using them for communication or business purposes until you return to your room. During holistic treatments and energy work, you will be asked to turn your device on airplane mode as the frequencies emitted by these devices is extremely disruptive to healing energy work.

What sort of visitors do you get?

Our guests come from all walks of life, from countries across the globe. We are here for people that are looking to enhance their life experience, whether that is mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally or any combination of the four. Samkara is very much like the island it sits on where social status, income bracket, and intellect do not give much importance to the deep connections that are made amongst people in these various paradigms that are simply looking to reach their own personal greatness - a common goal.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, Ideal, Sofort, Bank Transfer, and Paypal.

When is the rainy season for Koh Phangan?

The rainy season for Koh Phangan from late October to December.


Koh Phangan features a tropical monsoon climate under Köppen's climate classification. The climate is warm and humid for most of the year. The island only has one true dry season month, average monthly precipitation in February falls below 60 mm, the threshold for a tropical dry season month.  The heaviest precipitation is typically seen in the months of October and November. For the rest of the year, given the tropical climate, rain showers are brief; 20–60 minutes duration is typical. The island sees on average just under 2000 mm of precipitation annually and in comparison to Phuket and most of the rest of Southern Thailand, Phangan’s weather is relatively dry.

If people did want to go out for a drink / nightlife would they have to go to Haad Rin? How long would this take in a taxi?

Haad Rin is no longer a desirable destination on the island for any activities outside of Full Moon Party week. The new epicentre of the island is Sritanu and Samkara is situated inside of this area making taxi rides a short 5-10min drives away from beachside restaurants and live music. The parties on the island are located in various locations making a taxi ride minimum 20-30min.

Do you make special plans for holidays such as Christmas and the New Year?

Yes, there is a festive program of activities and special menus during the holidays. Please contact us to find our more information.

Do you permit topless sunbathing or nudity around the pool?

No. Revealing yourself in public is not permitted in Thai culture and this is a law enforced by the Royal Thai Police.

What languages does your staff speak?

English, Thai, Dutch, Serbian


What if I have special dietary preferences and needs?

Samkara cuisine offers menu options for all dietary preferences, from delicious salads, raw food preparations, vegan creations to fresh locally caught seafood. Please indicate any special dietary requests on the pre-arrival Guest Profile form.

Do you serve meat in the restaurants or is it just vegetarian and fish?

No. Samkara does not endorse the meat industry and its numerous negative effects it has on the planet and its inhabitants. Samkara is in line with the preservation of nature and all living animals.

What is the dress code in your restaurants?

The dress code is casual, relaxed clothing.


What activities are available?

-     Games - chess and backgammon board games are available.
-     Movies - An interesting collection of travel, cultural and educational documentaries, and an inspiring library of mind-opening movies, old favourites and comedy classics are available to watch in your room, or in our rooftop cinema.
-     Cultural activities and events – Samkara offers regular cultural activities and community events to celebrate Thai festivals and holidays. A list of upcoming events will be given to you upon your arrival.
-     Island excursions, kayaking, cycling, boat trips, and much more can also be arranged.

If I decide to sign up for a special program, such as Detox or Tantra for example, will there still be sufficient time to join your holistic classes and experience the island?

Yes, your treatments and free time can be scheduled in such a way that you will still be able to enjoy our activity classes.

What are the options for swimming?

Samkara has a large 150 sqm infinity swimming pool overlooking the ocean from the hillside providing you with enough space to rest leisurely and swim some laps. Samkara is also in close proximity to several tranquil beach which has seasonal low water levels. Please take care of coral when walking in the water. Please also be aware of occasional strong currents as there is no life guard on duty.

Do you organise activities/excursions outside of Samkara?

Samkara has a variety of excursion opportunities for guests to enjoy on Koh Phangan and outlying Islands. A brief summary of some possibilities is given in our activities section of our website. For more information about these excursions, or others you may be interested in, please contact our reservations team.


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