Conscious breathing involves connecting the inhalation to the exhalation in a relaxed rhythm. When this rhythmic breathing is done in a relaxed state for more than a few minutes, you will start to experience some dynamic energy flows in your body. 

These energy flows are the process of filling your body with pure life energy that is generated through breathing. As the accumulated energies are channeled through, we are able to clear our tensions, blockages and impurities that have been stored in our mind and body.

Every physiological, emotional, and psychological state has a corresponding breathing pattern, rhythm or quality. When the state of mind changes, the breathing pattern changes; and by changing our breathing pattern, we can change ourselves. By being conscious of our breathing, we can control our emotions, behavior, and psychology.

Rebirthing is a fast and efficient way of clearing the psycosomatic memories, and almost totally pleasurable and amazing. It can be used as a tool to heal, grow, and change, also to live longer, and to remain healthy and fit.


- You will learn to energize and heal your body with the subtle energy (prana) through breathing. 
- Healing of old emotional wounds and traumas
- Release and transformation of old subconscious beliefs
- Integration of more confidence, trust, and pleasure in the body
- It improves the quality of thought patterns for a better life and aims to achieve the mastery of the mind.
- With connecting and experiencing the natural divine consciousness deeply within, you will deepen and enrich your awareness.
- Spiritual purification, evolution and self-realization; leading to a state of "Samadhi".


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