We offer a number of breathtaking adventures for you to enjoy during your luxury island holiday. Create life long memories by combining unique island activities with the all-inclusive features offered with Samkara Luxury Retreats.


Discover a thriving underwater eco-system filled with vibrant life and stunning colours. A deep sea world gently reminding you to enjoy the moment, maintain a healthy break, and love life. The island boasts many beaches rich in coral reefs and aquatic life for you to discover.


Scuba Diving

Immerse yourself in another world inhabited by stunning underwater creatures curious to safely approach you and make you feel welcome. We offer a number of different scuba diving experiences to either learn, further develop, or simply have fun with this unbelievable experience.



Spend the afternoon both on and above the ocean as you glide the winds and launch high in the sky. The island boasts great kite surfing conditions depending on season and we are partnered with the most professional kite surfing schools on the island to ensure your experience is safe and memorable.


Guided Bicycle Tours

Take a guided bicycle tour around the island in slow motion giving you the time and safety to take in the friendly local island spirit and breath in the nutrient-rich, fresh ocean air. Not to mention this activity is great for keeping in shape and discovering astonishing tropical scenery.


Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Breathe deeply and feel the connection between mind, body, and soul; as you participate in authentic Thai culture with the martial art of Thai kickboxing. This ancient practice of will help you release stress and increase your hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular health, total body strength, and body composition.


World Famous Parties

Koh Phangan is home to many world famous events that happen regularly such as the notorious Full Moon Party, Half Moon Festival, and many others alike. It also offers a more intimate nightlife for those looking to escape the masses such as jam bars featuring open-mic nights for you to impress your new friends or serenade that special someone.


Angthong Marine Park

Spend a gorgeous day sailing on the ocean visiting a pristine archipelago of 42 picturesque islands in the Gulf of Thailand known as Anything Marine Park. Stop off at an preserved eco-island for a quick swim, kayaking, or hiking up 450 meters for iconic pictures that will surely leave your friends and family back home in envy.



Explore the island as far as you can see. There are many beautiful small isolated and deserted beaches surrounding the coasts of the island to be discovered and enjoyed, as well as smaller islands offshore from Koh Phangan which can be visited and explored.


Beaches Hoping

Although Koh Phangan is a relatively small island compared to its neighbour Koh Samui, it boasts over 30 beaches each offering something unique. Some must be trekked through the jungle, whereas others can easily be accessed by road access. They all differ in composition ranging from fine white sand, rocks, to even beaches made entirely of small quartz crystals.



Access your inner child again as you laugh the day away at world famous waterparks such as a lake-top obstacle course called "The Challenge / Wipe Out Course" or soar high in the air at "SlipNFly" as you slide down a 30 meter long water slide engineered to launch you 40 feet in the air and land in a deep pool.


Guided Nature Hikes

Spend the morning following paths deep in the jungle on a guided hike towards the island’s highest peak, where you can observe the island and the entire Gulf of Thailand with 360 panoramic views from 627 meters above sea level.



Spend time with Buddhist monks and receive blessings for whatever you currently seek help and assistance with from a high power. Koh Phangan is the original island to have been settled upon in the Gulf of Thailand and was originally discovered by monks traveling by sea who felt its strong healing and spiritual energy. The island is home to over 15 temples each welcoming tourists eager to pay respects and learn the teachings of the Buddha.



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